About Theraptea

The company Sidon, only use herbs planted in season, in the correct regions and that are grown in their most natural way -organically without chemicals. Herbs are examined for the best quality and safety after each harvest.


Serving traditional Chinese medicine Since 1952

The pharmaceutical factory adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to ensure the quality of products and no chemicals are applied. Sidon only chooses the best quality herbs as product ingredients. However, as they are obtained from different seasons and places, it is difficult to furnish the organic certification. Nevertheless, Sidon has sent the products to TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Federation) which is an authoritative inspection organisation in Taiwan for testing purposes. The outstanding result shows Sidon is as good as organic product testing.

Our Promise to You

Adhering to GMP and FDA standards to ensure the quality of our products and no chemicals are applied.


100% Organic

Only use herbs planted in season, in the correct regions.


No Side Effect

The teas are a result of the combination of ancient knowledge with the latest in biotechnology.


High Quality

Grown in their most natural way -organically without chemicals.


TCM Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine secrets passed down for four generations.

TCM Expertise

Sidon believes that natural herbs can improve people’s health and that the human body can prevent or cure diseases naturally. Since 1952, they have persisted and committed to researching ways to help people without side effects with traditional Chinese medicine.

Sidon originally a Chinese medicine company in Taiwan; balances human, nature, and biotechnology. The founder, Mr. Suen-Tien Lin, a practicing Chinese medicine doctor; passed on his knowledge and expertise to his son. His grandson Lin-Chen Lin, attended Chinese medical school to further his family’s practice and also started researching and developing the Chinese medicine company that was founded in 1989.

The remedy teas can help restore balance to your body, resulting in better health and ultimately, a better quality of life. It is often recommended to seek the advice of a qualified practitioner when unsure. Dr. Jeff Lan, based in Cape Town, a registered acupuncture practitioner, doctor of Chinese medicine and internationally qualified martial arts coach assists in a balanced lifestyle approach when in consultation. 

Chinese medicine & Biotechnology

Dr Jeff Lan - TCM practitioner